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This is me (a short while ago)

Clemens Amadeus Werner Fritz

Stammbaum (in German)

Born on November 18th 1971, somewhere in Lower Bavaria, Germany. 

After some eleven years of touring smaller villages, my parents went to Landshut, where I attended the Hans-Leinberger Gymnasium. I graduated there in 1991.

This was followed by a year of conscript service in the German army. 

After that I took up my studies at Universität Regensburg doing English and History. I graduated to Candidatus philologia in both subjects a year later. In between I visited my distant relation Piotr in Montreal for fun and work in autumn 1992.

From 1993 to 1994 I went to University College Galway/Ireland with a DAAD grant. There I studied Irish history, especially the continuous emigration waves, Renaissance literature and Irish.

While I was there, my first godchild, Johannes Missol, was born on October 26th 1993.


Back in Regensburg I attended the following main courses: 

English: Joyce’s Ulysses, Linguistic Analysis of Ex-Slave Narratives, Varieties of English World-Wide, Pidgins and Creoles

History: European Oversea's Expansion, The Emergence of the Public, Ministerial Responsibility

In addition to a grant by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, I worked for many years at the Schneider Hausverwaltungen in order to finance my studies.

In the Linguistics department I worked with Prof Luelsdorff on the project The English Modals. Also, Prof Schneider took me on as a helper and during this time I aided in editing the books Focus on the USA and Festschrift for Prof Görlach (2 vols.).

In Ireland I had become interested in the linguistic fate of emigrants, who had lost so much, even their languages. This is why I decided to investigate early English in Australia. Travelling to Australia for several months in 1995, I collected a letter corpus of ca. 150,000 words that formed the basis of my master's thesis Early Australian Letters - a Linguistic Analysis. In 1996 I was awarded the master's degree.

Two years later I earned my first degree to become a teacher at secondary schools in Bavaria. From 1998 to 2000, a traineeship in the teacher's profession followed. 

During this time I started to work on my doctoral thesis which investigates the origins of Australian English in much greater depth than has been attempted so far. Prof Leitner from the Freie Universität Berlin was my supervisor here.

In September 2000 I started teaching at Gymnasium Raubling which is very nicely situated at the foot of the Alps. Since then I became head of the history department at that school, carried through a great number of historical projects, e.g. the 'Machtergreifung' by Hitler in Germany in 1933 and Protest in the Inn valley, and supervised a group of teachers who develop engaging didactic material for foreign learners of English and French.

In June 2001 I started my gladiatorial career with the Familia Gladiatoria Pulli Cornicinis. Here you can find out more about it.

Another hobby of mine is singing. I have done this since I was ten and have no intention of stopping it anytime soon. Here you can find the song Trickle, trickle performed by the Con Brio Choir, Prutting, with me singing the solo part.

My second godchild, Elisabeth Weinmayr, was born on August 3rd 2001.


In December 2004 Ulrike and I married. 

In September 2005 I got transferred to Gymnasium Burglengenfeld. There I shortly worked in the drama group.

In 2006 I was asked to take over the school's choir, a challenging task, but also rewarding since I love singing and singers. Between 2007 and 2009 I also acquired a degree as a choir's conductor at the Alteglofsheim Music Academy.

In 2006-07 I attendend several university courses leading to a degree as a teacher of German for foreigners (Deutsch als Fremdsprache - DaF).

On October 2nd, 2009 our first child, Cornelius was born.



In August 2010 we moved to Ecuador where I taught at the Colegio Aleman Quito.

On November 24 2011 we had our second child, Antonia Alegría, by birth both Ecuadorian and German.


Having spent four eventful years abroad, we now have returned to Regensburg, Uli working as an anethesist.

After working at the Goethe Gymnasium for two-and-a-half years, Clemens now holds a position at the Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Regensburg instructing trainee teachers how to educate their students in the subject of history.

Apart from teaching, Clemens's main hobby is Ultimate Frisbee. He plays for the local team, the Ratisbona Eagles, and is coach and captain of the German Grandmasters national team.

Main tournaments were the European Championships with the national team in 2019 in Madrid and in 2023 in Bologna.

Apart from that he played with the Great Grandmasters Club Team Gaul the Beach World Club Championship in Sardinia in 2021, the European Club Championships in Wroclaw in 2022 and the World Club Championship in Limerick in 2022..


The future awaits!

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