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Online Dictionaries/Language Tools

Linguee British National Corpus Dictionary24 Visual Webster Merriam Webster
Collins Thesaurus    


E-PAls, ExchangE Programs, Language Courses

Electronic Pals Transatlantisches Klassenzimer: Stiftung Koerber Englischer Konferenzclub
Virtual English Language Centre    
Internetprojekte (GB) Kurse und Chats I Kurse und Chats II
Debating: Idebate  



ONline Literature

Shakespeare Literature's Classics Online Oxford Text Archive
ALEX: Catalog of e-texts Gutenberg e-texts On-Line Books Page
Cambridge History of Literature Free Audiobooks Classic Reader - Fiction, Short Stories, Poetry
Classic Short Stories    


Publishing Houses

  Cornelsen Verlag Klett Verlag
Bertelsmann Online   Verlag an der Ruhr
Westermann Verlag Zweitausendeins Oxford UP
Blackwells HarperCollins


Students' Sites

English Portal (superb) Spot On Using English Cornelsen Learnetix Grammar Online
BBC News for Children British Council - Grammar Exercises Writing English
Sprachtest der University of Lancaster Sprachtest Cornelsen Sprachtest Sprachenportfolio
Six Minute English (BBC) Grammarly (Grammar Check) Exam English: TOEFL, Cambridge etc.


Teaching Tools/Teachers' Sites

Tools and Resources

Linguistics Links ELLO - 800 Listening Comprehension Files and questions
Audacity HotPotatoes Podcasts
Video Lectures (Academic Earth) English Conversations ELLO- English Listening Online
Online-Vokabelkasten Free audiobooks Phase 6 Vokabeltrainer
Wordle - create beautiful word clouds LearningApps
Practice Listening - Audio Lingua Bildung Interaktiv - Videos about grammar and text analysis British Council: Practice your listening
The Writing Center - Handouts for different text types    


Teacher Sites/Lesson Plans

Cornelsen Teach Web

English as a Second Language Learning Materials by Julia Reed

English Portal (superb)
ISB Dillingen BR - College Radio
New York Times Lesson Plans Tauschbörse Unterricht  
ZUM-Netz Lehrer-Online: English ESL-Printables
Sester-Online Today's Discussions
Grammar Online Abiture anderer Bundesländer Bildungsserver Hessen
Johnny English (Oberstufe) SparkNotes Schroedel

Gemeinsame Abituraufgabenpools der Länder

Using English
Breaking News English (recommended by Nancy and her students) FU und neue Medien   BBC Learning English
English Conversation Lessons Voice of America - RSS Feeds ESL-Partyland
Sean Banville`s ESL Lessons Political Speeches- Analysis Bildungsserver Hamburg
Speaking Tests (British Council Hungary) English as a second language - Lesson plans English as a second language - Speaking Tests
K-6 Teaching Resources (Online College Degrees) News English (lesson plan + listening) 7 Alternatives to Spark Notes and Cliff Notes
The current teaching tip Duden - Prüfungstraining Abitur Klausurgutachten leicht erstellt

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ALL About THe United Kingdom

Cities and Regions

London for Kids London Guide London Tube (Listening)
  Welsh Culture, Language and Travels Beacon Park, Wales
  Northern Ireland


Geography & General

Britannia Internet Magazine British Tourist Authority The British Council
UK General  


History of the British Isles

Migration to Great Britain (Bildungsserver Hamburg) Sources
BBC-GCSE Activehistory Spartacus.Schoolnet
HistoryLearning History Channel Historyonthenet
Pre-History and Roman Times Verulamium
The Middle Ages Anlgo-Saxons   Magna Carta
The Tudor Age Henry VIII Elizabeth I
17th and 18th centuries    
19th century Textile Industry Child Labour Trade Union Movement
20th century World War I WW I Doc Archive Imperial War Museum
Churchill Yes, Prime Minister UK - Poverty and Social Exclusion


Libraries - Archives - Encyclopedias

The British Library Encyclopaedia Britannica  



Australian Links South Africa Printable Worksheets  


News and Newspapers

The Times The BBC The Guardian



Houses of Parliament House of Commons Government and Politics
British Monarchy Downing Street No. 10

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Cities and Regions

New York City of Los Angeles Los Angeles Music, Dining, Arts, Movies
  Washington Detroit
Chicago The City and County of San Francsico


Geography & General

Landeskunde general US-Map Puzzles (also Europe)  
US Embassy Germany National Parks USA


History of the USA

General Text Sources Sources for US History US History Maps
National Museum of American History US History@Wisc  
History Cooperative History Channel American History
Virtual Library Sources Historymatters
Historyplace Sparknotes Memory
WebQuests Historical Census American Rhetoric
  American Presidents    
Pre-Conquest Civilisations Native People of America
Discovery and early Colonies Columbus 1492 French-Indian War Jamestown Online Adventure
A visit to Plimouth Plantation The Amish The Pennsylvania Dutch
Fighting for Independence Text of Declaration of Ind. US-Constitution War of Independence
Going West Am. Journals in the 19th Century Westward Expansion
History of American Transport
The Civil War Voices from the Days of Slavery Civil War
Blacks in the USA Civil Rights Movement Blacks in South Carolina
Early 20th Century World War I WW I Doc Archive Great Depression
Holocaust Museum Washington A-bomb
Late 20th Century Korean War Vietnam War  
Gulf War Weird Laws Fantasy Congress
  Congress Votes Database    


Libraries - Archives - Encyclopedias

Library of Congress National Archives Linklist American South


News and Newspapers

Time Magazine The New York Times The Economist
The Washington Post CNN Newsweek



The White House The House of Representatives US Senate

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