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Australia Today

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Corpus Sources

Banks Papers Court Decisions First Fleet Stories
Felton Flinders-Explorer Port Phillip Herald
Macquarie Historical Newspapers SETIS
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History of Australia

Convicts Explorers First Fleet
  Convicts Game  

Australian Linguistics

Aboriginal Languages ABC-Wordmap Australian Style
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Libraries - Archives

Macquarie Net Monash Archives National Archives
Public Record Office Northern Ireland State Library of NSW (Mitchell Library) State Records of NSW
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Universities, Organizations and People

Australian National University FU-Berlin Gesellschaft für Australienstudien
Leitner-Homepage Macquarie University  Monash University
Universität Regensburg University of Sydney Australian Linguistic Society
Centre for Irish studies in Australia    

New Zealand

Yahoo New Zealand Irish in NZ New Zealand English Journal

United Kingdom

  Menzies Centre  

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